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Company Overview
Hepaguard Company Group (HCG) is an Asian R&D-based pharmaceutical & biotechnological company with a powerful combination of skills and resources that provides a platform for delivering strong growth in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment.

The Hepaguard Group was founded in 1996 and was formed by the association of Hepaguard Company Limited (Korea), Hepaguard (Int’l) Company Limited (Hong Kong, SAR), and Hepaguard Biotechnology (Int’l) Company Limited (Taiwan, ROC). With the attention focused on the development of natural medicines and treatments for Hepatitis B, the Hepaguard Group has been working cooperatively in research and develops new cures for one of the most devastating diseases in Asia.

The current primary objective of Hepaguard Group is to be Asia’s leading enterprise specializing in the development of new herbal treatments for Hepatitis. The three associated companies approach this goal in a joint venture structure. Hepaguard (Korea) is responsible for preclinical / clinical studies and the research & development of Hepaguard Trademark products. Hepaguard (Hong Kong) and Hepaguard (Taiwan) are both responsible for the sales & marketing in the Asian markets, while Hepaguard (Taiwan) is also responsible for further research and development of new and existing products.