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The Development and Progression of Hepatitis B
Hepatitis B Carrier
approx. 30%
6 months after
Chronic Hepatitis B
approx. 25%
approx. 15 years
Liver Cirrohsis
approx. 80%
a few years

Hepatocellular Carcinoma


Liver Diseases
Acute Hepatitis

Easier to cure
10% - 20% will become chronic
80% caused by virus


Fulminate Hepatitis

Severe jaundice, headache, coma, in severe situation may die within few days


Drug Intoxicate Causing Liver Disease

May cause hepatitis, even Fulminate Hepatitis


Alcoholic Liver Disease

Acute injury will cause drug intoxicate hepatitis.
Chronic injury will cause fatty liver, chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis.

Fatty Liver

Excessive fat, excessive fat of blood, malnutrition, excessive alcohol


Chronic Hepatitis

Chronic hepatitis means after a patient exposed to hepatitis for half a year, the liver can not maintain its normal function, nor producing positive e-antigen



20% - 30% cases of chronic hepatitis will develop into cirrhosis. Major source caused by alcohol, virus of hepatitis B and C

Hepatocellular Carcinoma (Liver Cancer)

According to statistic 80% caused by cirrhosis.
Chest pain, fatigue, no appetite, black and blood stool

Infection Pathways
A Type food (especially seafood), stool fatigue, abdominal pain, fever, headache (recovery period 4-5 months after infection)
B Type body fluid, blood, vertical infected by mother fatigue, bad appetite, abdominal pain
(without obvious symptoms)

C Type

body fluid, blood, vertical infected by mother (probability of infection are less than Type B) fatigue, bad appetite, vomiting
(without obvious symptoms)
D Type body fluid, blood fatigue, vomiting (with obvious symptoms)
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